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Wedding Planning Checklist

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A detailed wedding planning checklist that covers every possible issue in your wedding planning timeline. Our wedding planning calendar starts at 12 months and counts down right to your wedding day. Let our wedding planning checklist thoroughly guide you in planning for all of your wedding to dos. This wedding checklist exactly what brides and grooms are looking for to keep them on track for their big day.

12 Months (or more) Before you Plan a Wedding Day ...
♥ Select the date (and possible alternate dates) for your wedding.
♥ Consult with fiancé and all parents to determine financial support and set a budget.
♥ Determine the type of wedding both you want (formal or informal, large or small, etc.).
♥ Determine with fiancé, the number guests you each wish to invite.
♥ Select the ceremony location and reserve it. If outside, consider a weather contingency plan and rental equipment.
♥ Select an officiant to perform your ceremony.
♥ Select reception location and reserve it. Ensure ample parking for guests. If outside, consider a bad weather contingency plan and if you'll reserve rental equipment.
♥ Determine your need for bridal consultant services and hire one to help you, if necessary.

11-12 Months Before your Wedding Date ...
♥ Arrange for families to meet each other, if they have not already met.
♥ Select and notify wedding party attendants.
♥ Select and order gown and accessories (veil, gloves, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, purse, etc.).
♥ Select and order bridal attendants’ wedding attire.
♥ Determine rehearsal dinner location.
♥ Discuss honeymoon plans with fiancé and begin arrangements (book airline/hotel reservations & make initial deposit).
♥ If necessary, make separate reservations for your wedding night.

9-10 Months Left on Your Wedding Planning Timeline ...
♥ Select and reserve: caterer, decorator, florist, musicians/DJ, rental equipment, photographer, videographer & transportation.
♥ Determine your wedding cake design; select and reserve a baker or bakery.
♥ Select the music for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.
♥ Plan the details of the reception.
♥ Begin shopping for wedding rings.
♥ Finalize your guest lists.
♥ Order invitations, announcements, save-the-date cards, stationary & thank you notes.

7-8 Months Before your Planning your Wedding ...
♥ Register at 1-3 different stores and select your bridal registry items. (Choose items that you need and that you want: sheets, towels, dinnerware, barbeque tool sets, glassware, etc.)
♥ Reserve accommodations for out of town guests.
♥ Finalize honeymoon arrangements (passports, confirm reservations & rental car, consider travel insurance, and, if necessary, obtain vaccinations/medical clearance).
♥ Mail save-the-date cards to guests.

5-6 Months Left on the Wedding Planning Checklist ...
♥ Announce engagement in local newspapers.
♥ Select and order groom’s and groomsmen's formal wear.
♥ Meet with caterer to go over menu.
♥ Meet with florist to go over details.
♥ Meet with photographer for engagement portrait and to review details.
♥ Select stylist for bridal party hair and make-up.
♥ Select and hire calligrapher, if needed.
♥ Select wedding favors and wedding accessories for the ceremony and reception.
♥ Order your heirloom, personalized Wedding Signature Platter from
♥ Prepare maps and directions for the ceremony and reception.

3-4 Months Before the Big Day ...
♥ Confirm delivery dates for wedding gown and bridal party gowns.
♥ Finalize ceremony plans with officiant. Will vows be hand-written or traditional? Will family or friends offer readings?
♥ Schedule ceremony rehearsal and notify the wedding participants.
♥ Address wedding invitations.

2 Months Before your Wedding Day ...
♥ Schedule final gown fitting for bride and remind bridesmaids to schedule final fittings.
♥ Schedule a blood test (if required).
♥ Schedule a date with fiancé to pick up marriage license and obtain certified copies.
♥ Plan bridesmaid luncheon or party.
♥ Finalize all ceremony and reception details. If using, have programs printed and prepare placecards for reception.
♥ Assign wedding day tasks to friends and family.
♥ Confirm photographer, musicians/DJ, videographer, transportation, hair/make-up stylist.
♥ Select and order bridesmaid, groomsmen and parent gifts.
♥ Mail wedding invitations.

1 Month Before the Wedding Date ...
♥ Pick up wedding rings and check engraving.
♥ Begin arrangements for changing bride's name and send change-of-address info to the post office.
♥ Contact local newspapers about publishing your wedding announcement.
♥ Begin thank you notes as gifts are received.
♥ Arrange for dry cleaning and preservation of both wedding gown and bridal bouquet for after wedding.
♥ Confirm all wedding night and honeymoon reservations.
♥ Schedule pre-wedding day manicure/pedicure, massage and spa treatments.
♥ Designate someone to look after your home (and pets) while on your honeymoon.
♥ Make joint bank account and finance.

2 Weeks Before the Wedding Day ...
♥ Have final dress fitting with shoes, accessories and lingerie (break in shoes at home).
♥ Confirm arrangements for attire and accessories of all wedding party members.
♥ Assist fiancé with wedding toast for rehearsal dinner and wedding reception.
♥ Confirm final guest count with caterer and reception facility.
♥ Address wedding announcements.

1 Week Left in the Wedding Checklist ...
♥ Make final contact with baker, caterer, florist, musicians/DJ, photographer and videographer.
♥ Confirm pick-up times and locations with transportation providers.
♥ Make final honeymoon arrangements. Give itinerary to a family member or friend in case of emergency.
♥ Pack: alarm clock, camera/film, sunscreen, insect repellent, contraceptives, pain reliever, maps/guidebooks, calling card, emergency phone nos., driver's license, health insurance info, contacts/glasses, vitamins/medicine, toiletries, traveler’s checks, passports, and clothing.
♥ Confirm wedding day assignments with family and friends.
♥ Confirm time and location of rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and wedding day with wedding party participants.
♥ Prepare gifts for wedding attendants (to be presented at rehearsal dinner).

1 Day Left on your Wedding Planning Checklist ...
♥ Have manicure and pedicure.
♥ Gather together wedding attire and emergency kit (aspirin, make-up, safety pins, etc.).
♥ Drop off placecards, favors and wedding accessories at the reception site.
♥ Prepare payment and tip envelopes for officiant & vendors. Arrange for someone trustworthy to distribute them.
♥ Give announcements to an attendant for mailing after your wedding.
♥ Rehearse ceremony, hold rehearsal dinner and give gifts to wedding attendants & parents.
♥ Relax and get a good night's sleep.

On Your Wedding Day ...
♥ Have hair and make-up done. Begin dressing 2 hours before ceremony is to begin.
♥ Be sure to eat properly, relax and have a wonderful wedding day!