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Fall Theme Wedding

There's something special about fall and having a fall theme wedding - don't you think? Autumn is a beautiful time of year with the crisp cool air, and the crunchy sound of the leaves when you walk down a path. Fall has some of the most aromatic scents like the smell of wood burning, baking bread, fall leaves and the damp woods. Having a fall wedding theme is very exciting and romantic. Fall is the perfect time of year for cozying up next to the one you love.

leaves - fall theme wedding, autumn

Fall Wedding Theme Leaves
Although this fall leaves design (left) has been available since late 2006, it's charming symbolism has been one of 2008's favored choices for a fall themed wedding. Outlined in brown with the left leaf in orange, right leaf in red and a pale yellow vein structure, most people have paired this fall theme design with brown text as shown and an orange border C. But this comfy fall theme wedding idea also looks great on any one of the signature plates with a brown, red or even yellow border to compliment it.

daisies - fall wedding theme

Fall Wedding Theme Daisies : Mums
The clever customer who came up with this fall wedding colors theme was right on target for a fall theme wedding - actually a fall bridal shower theme with orange text. I really love it when the customer is in tune with a design and updating the colors fit to their function. There was no extra charge for this fall wedding theme color update to the daisy design and I really enjoyed working on it - perfect to represent fall mums as well!

If you have a "cool" fall wedding theme idea, wine theme wedding idea or even a theme wedding halloween idea that you would like to have custom personalized and hand painted onto one of these special wedding signature platters contact me with your fall ideas. I'd be thrilled to bring it to reality for your fall themed wedding!

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