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Calla Lily Wedding Theme

Many people agree that calla lilies epitomize a wedding union and celebration! They look and smell so wonderful often with a religious undertone. How could you pass up a grand call lily wedding theme event? Give me a call to discuss your unique calla lily wedding theme ideas today. I'd be thrilled to hand paint your calla lily themed wedding guest book platter for your wedding day!

NEW! Calla Lilies Floral Design
These calla lilies are a really pretty and appropriate wedding related design. Text is shown here in brown but you can request any available color scheme for your own cally lily themed platter at no extra charge!

IMPORTANT: This calla lily wedding themed design is a larger design and may not fit on the smaller platters IF you're expecting a lot of guest signatures.

Calla Lily Invitations!
Beautiful pearlescent calla lily wedding theme design is elegantly printed at the best price for you.

Choose from over 20 gorgeous calla lily wedding invitations!

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