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I received my Guest Book Platter today. Melissa, it is just beautiful! The colors are absolutely perfect and I can't thank you enough. You and your customer service have been wonderful, this was a great experience. Thank you! Thank you so very much.
– Jane, WI

Just a quick note to let you know that our signature platter arrived safe and sound yesterday. It looks wonderful! We look forward to displaying it in our home after the wedding! Thanks for all your help and support!
- Martina in Alberta, CANADA

I love both of my bridal shower platters! Thank you so much for working with me on my custom bridal shower design!
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Have a Green Wedding with these Eco Friendly Weddings Ideas

Guest Book Platters wants to help you have an eco friendly wedding. Were you planning to have an eco friendly wedding reception? There are so many little environment saving ideas that you can implement - all of which will add up and make a big difference on saving our planet. Here are just five eco friendly ideas that you can consciously do to have a green wedding day. By the way many of these eco friendly wedding tips will also help you save a lot money in your wedding budget.

1. Did you know you can save the environment with your wedding bands? According to NoDirtyGold.org, gold mining is one of the dirties industries in the world. Mining gold - for just one single wedding band generates 20 tons of mine waste, displaces communities and endangers natural preserves. Why not exchange family heirloom wedding rings or purchase either vintage wedding bands (and engagement ring) or newly recycled gold wedding sets (gold that has been melted down and remade into something new)? According to NoDirtyGold.org, Target, Rolex and Sears/Kmart are firms that (as of 12/15/08) have not yet agreed to sign on to the No dirty gold campaign which requires companies to actively work within their companies and their suppliers and vendors to track the sources of their gold. By not signing on to the No dirty gold campaign, they feel the don't need to respect social, human rights, and environmental standards in gold production, whenever such independently verified sources become available.

The following companies have taken the first step by declaring their support for the No Dirty Gold campaign:
Alberto Parada - Ben Bridge Jeweler - Birks & Mayors - Boscov's - Brilliant Earth - Cartier - Commemorative Brands - Cred Jewellery - Fey & Co. Jewelers - Fifi Bijoux - Fortunoff - Fred Meyer and Littman Jewelers - Hacker Jewelers - Helzberg Diamonds - Henrich & Denzel GmbH - Herff Jones - Hoover & Strong - Ingle & Rhode - Intergold - JCPenney - Jostens - Leber Jeweler - Lena Marie Echelle Designs - Michaels Jewelers - Nature's Candy Designs, Ltd. - Piaget - QVC - Real Jewels - Security Jewelers - Signet Group - Stephen Fortner - Tiffany & Co. - TurningPoint - Van Cleef & Arpels - Van Gundy - Victoria Casal USA - Wal-Mart - Whitehall Jewellers - Zale Corp.

2. Wearing a recycled wedding gown? Sure, you can buy a gorgeous wedding gown from a shop that specializes in recycled wedding dresses. No, they're not recycled per say, but, wedding's do get called off. Sometimes it just wasn't meant to be - that's when you get a gorgeous never before worn wedding gown and a great price! Check your local consignment shops for nearly new wedding gowns. Also, consider re-selling your wedding gown after your wedding day to a consignment shop. It's a great feeling to know that you could help the environment, your wallet AND someone who might not otherwise be able to afford the wedding dress of her dreams.

3. Choose to send recycled wedding invitations. By using recycled wedding invitations you've made a conscious decision to reuse paper and reduce the destruction of trees. While it is true that recycled paper is always as crisp and white, we do have an alternative. If you aren't keen on recycled paper wedding invitations, how about using 100% cotton wedding invitations? 100% cotton paper is made form pure virgin cotton fibers and it biodegrades much quicker than standard paper invitations. For some elegant options, check out these 100% cotton wedding invitations.

4. Find out if your reception hall wants you to have an eco friendly reception by using energy efficient light bulbs. Each and every little effort to conserve energy and waste can and will make a difference towards saving our planet. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask the reception hall manager if their facility is using energy efficient light bulbs AND if nothing else, you are letting them know that you are a conscientious bride and groom. If every wedding couple simply took a moment to ask the reception hall manager if they use energy efficient light bulbs, eventually they'd get the hint that it's important and they would switch over.

5. Save a tree for your wedding. Use guest book platters from GuestBookPlatters.com (instead of a traditional paper guest book). Your guests will have fun signing a custom, hand painted and personalized guest book platter that you can later cherish as a wedding heirloom for many wonderful years.

If we all just did one of the things on this list to have an eco friendly wedding, together we could do so much more to preserve our planet.

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